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Administration on Aging (AoA)

Community Living Program Grants


The Administration on Aging’s (AoA) Community Living Program (CLP) grant initiative is a competitive grants opportunity designed to assist individuals who are at risk of nursing home placement and spend down to Medicaid to enable them to continue to live in their communities. The CLP grants are administered through the State Units on Aging (SUAs), in partnership with Area Agencies on Aging (AAAs) and in collaboration with community service providers, and other key long-term care stakeholders.

This initiative encourages the Aging Services Network to modernize and transform the funding they receive under the Older Americans Act, or other non-Medicaid sources, into flexible, consumer-directed service dollars. This grant opportunity complements the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) “Money Follows the Person Initiative” by strengthening the capacity of states to reach older adults before they enter a nursing home and spend down to Medicaid. It also supports states’ long-term care rebalancing efforts.

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AoA Vision for CLP Grants

AoA’s long-range vision is to have a long-term care service system that is person-centered, consumer-directed and helps people at risk of institutionalization to continue to live at home for as long as possible. The system can be built through the use of consistent CLP standards.

Such standards should include system elements as well as service elements.

The system elements include:

  • Using “single entry point” systems that provide access to all publicly supported long-term care to perform the functions of client screening, assessment, care planning, and targeting individuals at risk of nursing home placement and spend down to Medicaid
  • Having a quality assurance program that can be used by program staff and administrators to continually improve the way the program is serving its clients
  • Evaluating the program so that administrators, funders and the public will know if the program is meeting its goals and objectives

The key service elements are:

  • Flexible dollars to ensure that services can be tailored to the individualized needs of consumers and their family caregivers, rather than being tied to a particular service or set of services
  • Targeting criteria to ensure the program actually serves individuals who are most at risk of nursing home placement and spend down to Medicaid
  • Giving clients the option of using the Cash and Counseling model
  • Ensuring that the program is used to complement and support – and not to supplant – the on-going efforts of family caregivers and the use of an individual’s personal and financial resources in helping the individual to remain at home

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CLP Grantees

AoA launched the CLP initiative in the fall of 2007. In its initial year, AoA issued awards to 12 states for a combined federal and non-federal funded grant program of $8.8 million. In 2008, AoA issued awards that totaled 14 states reaching a combined federal and non-federal amount of approximately $16.2 million.

2009 Community Living Program (CLP) Grantees new icon

State Agency Federal Share *
(year one)
State Share *
(year one)
Total Budget *
(year one)
Alabama AL Dept. of Senior Services $ 304,020 $ 125,000 $ 429,020
Florida FL Dept. of Elder Affairs $ 575,469 $ 194,983 $ 769,452
Georgia GA Dept. of Human Services, Div. of Aging Services $ 505,080 $ 168,360 $ 673,440
Hawaii Executive Office on Aging $ 446,610 $ 89,112 $ 535,722
Indiana IN Family and Social Services $ 582,913 $ 195,000 $ 777,913
Maine Office of Elder Services, ME DHHS $ 293,329 $ 97,776 $ 391,105
Massachusetts Executive Office of Elder Affairs $ 500,000 $ 361,900 $ 861,900
Minnesota MN Board on Aging $ 500,000 $ 166,672 $ 666,672
Montana MT Dept. of Public Health and Human Services $ 449,921 $ 149,974 $ 599,895
New Hampshire NH Dept. of Health and Human Services $ 474,374 $ 24,791 $ 499,165
New York NY State Office for the Aging $ 500,000 $ 166,670 $ 666,670
Oregon OR DHS, Seniors & Persons with Disabilities $ 322,165 $ 107,791 $ 429,956
S. Carolina Lieutenant Governor’s Office on Aging $ 425,536 $ 141,846 $ 567,832
Texas TX Dept. of Aging and Disability Services $ 396,603 $ 378,436 $ 775,039
Virginia VA Dept. for the Aging $ 259,880 $ 86,626 $ 346,506
Wisconsin WI Dept. of Health Services $ 485,566 $ 163,663 $ 649,229

For project summaries-click on state.  For more information, please contact Linda Velgouse, AoA Project Officer, at

* CLP project periods are 24 months.  Budget amounts are certified for the first year, with second year funding dependent on availability of funds.

FY2008 State Grantees

(VA will be awarding $3 million to the states marked with an asterisk(*) )

FY2007 State Grantees

(click state for project summary)

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Partnership with U.S. Veterans Administration

Starting in 2008, the Department of Health and Human Services collaborates with the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). The AoA is working closely with the Veterans Health Administration to provide an additional opportunity to State Units on Aging (SUAs) and Area Agencies on Aging (AAAs) to serve veterans of all ages at risk of nursing home placement.

The VA will deliver the Veteran’s Directed Home and Community-Based Service Program (VDHCBS) in 10 states and will invest approximately $3 million to serve veterans at risk of institutionalization. The VA will directly purchase services through SUAs and/or AAAs for the VDHCBS program.

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Additional Information

For additional information on CLP activities please visit The Aging and Disability Resource Center Technical Assistance Exchange. Here you will find specific information about the CLP initiative, including contact information for AoA project officers, summary information on each of the grantees and a variety of resources related to this initiative.

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