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Administration on Aging (AoA)

Global Aging

Welcome to the AoA global aging section. The 21st century is one of profound challenges associated with dramatic increases in the numbers of people living longer. The United Nations has brought much needed attention to this “silent revolution,” which has a profound impact on all societies. This section will describe AoA’s activities in the global arena, and will provide links to other international aging resources and websites.

Did You Know?
“Aging” maybe also be spelled “Ageing” by other countries and international organizations.

The ACL Administrator and Assistant Secretary for Aging Remarks

(delivered by Kathleen Otte, ACL Regional Administrator), U.N. Commission for Social Development High-Level Panel Discussion on the Family, February 2014

Other Resources

Shades of Gray: A Cross-Country Study of Health and Well-Being of the Older Populations in SAGE Countries, 2007-2012, U.S. Census Bureau (PDF)

“Ageing, Solidarity and Social Protection: Time for Progress towards Equality,” Third Regional Intergovernmental Conference on Ageing in Latin America and the Caribbean (PDF)

“Putting Non-Communicable Diseases on the Global Agenda,” The NCD Alliance (PDF)

“Knowledge Transfer on Health and Ageing,” The World Bank (PDF)

European Year for Active Ageing and Solidarity between Generations

Secretary Sebelius’s Remarks at the Pan American Health Organization “Healthy Aging Conference”

Eurobarometer Survey on Active Ageing

Social Security Programs Throughout the World: The Americas, 2009, published by Social Security Administration

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Last Modified: 7/18/2014