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Administration on Aging (AoA)

Program Results and Evaluation

AoA has developed a strong focus on measurement of program results, including: implementing and strengthening OAA program information reporting from the states, development of new and well-tested performance outcomes measures, national surveys of OAA participants which assess OAA services, a series of past, current, and planned program evaluations and related studies, and compilations of relevant aging population statistics. AoA’s success in these activities has been recognized by its Program Assessment Reporting Tool (PART) assessment by the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) and its success in achieving documented OAA program results. These activities are implemented by AoA's Office of Evaluation and other program offices.

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For more information about the aging population, we recommend the following:

Aging Statistics, a main section of AoA’s website, provides the latest demographic, health, and other statistical information on the aging.

AGID (AGing Integrated Database),an on-line query system based on AoA-related data files and surveys, and includes population characteristics from the Census Bureau for comparison purposes. AGID allows users to produce customized tables in a step-by-step process and output the results in print or save as a spreadsheet. AGID includes the 2010 Census as well as single-year and five-year population estimates and characteristics from the American Community Survey. ACL and the Census Bureau have developed a PowerPoint presentation (PDF) with information about the Census Special Tabulations on Aging in the AGID system.

This webinar is a general overview of the American Community Survey and how the Administration on Aging uses this information for their special tabulation on aging.

Performance Outcome Measurement Project (POMP) website, an Administration for Community Living (ACL, formerly Administration on Aging) initiative helped State and Area Agencies on Aging assess their own program performance, while assisting AoA meet both the accountability provisions of the Government Performance and Results Act and the Office of Management and Budget's program assessment requirements. The POMP website contains all the information and tools necessary to conduct performance-related surveys of Older Americans Act service recipients on the state and local level. These tools may also be useful to other social service and support programs. POMP Tutorial for the POMP Toolkit (WMV, 7 minutes) to familiarize you with the POMP web pages.

Last Modified: 7/29/2016